about us

Directly from nature since 1995, Il Nuovo Fresco transforms fresh vegetables into high-quality semifinished products, sauces and pestos in order to satisfy the needs of consumers, restaurants and the food industry.

Il Nuovo Fresco starts its business in 1995 by developing the idea of offering products that are able to guarantee long-lasting freshness so to satisfy necessities of the food industry.

The pumpkin pulp was the first product to be produced with an innovative and patented technology. 

In the following years, it has enlarged the production in order to offer a greater variety of products, still maintaining the specificities of processes, which mix tradition and innovation. 

It was the first in Italy to introduce the technology of fresh pasteurized refrigerated, which is based on specific and delicate production processes and grants to semifinished products a note of freshness and simplicity. 

No aromas and colorings are added as we preserve what nature offers naturally.

The high quality of products is the result of the choice of high quality raw materials and their correct maturation.

Beside the traditional offer, Il Nuovo Fresco is able to meet specific requests regarding semifinished vegetables, even bio ones. 



Everything we produce tightly comes from NATURE.

We dedicate a steady committment to the respect of natural resources and to the safeguard and the improvement of the environment quality: we favor the usage of biocompatible materials (PET 100% recyclable), we monitor and manage the minimization of waste, we collaborate with suppliers that place attention on the environment and the sustainability of our work, we favor processes and HPP treatments to preserve benefits coming from nature.